The Federation of Private Hospitalization (FHP) had announced a general strike of white coats, suggesting a Black Monday for June 3. The organization, which brings together 1,030 private clinics and hospitals, has decided to backtrack. She announced to suspend their strike movement, after having obtained “commitments” and “decisions” from the government, according to a press release published this Friday, May 24 by the FHP.

“The commitments and decisions made by the government support the principle of fair treatment between the different players in hospitalization”, whether public or private, indicates the joint press release, also signed by the five liberal unions which supported this movement of stopping activity.

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“All stakeholders, establishments and doctors, take note of this progress, but will remain extremely vigilant regarding compliance and the impact of all the proposals for establishments and for private doctors,” according to the press release. Private clinics have not let up since the government’s announcement of hospital rates for 2024, increased by 0.3% for private clinics while they increased by 4.3% for public hospitals.

According to the FHP, this difference resulted in a shortfall of around 500 million euros over the year 2024 for private establishments. Five out of six liberal doctors’ unions – Avenirs Spé Le Bloc, CSMF, UFML, SML, FMF – supported the clinic movement and asked their members to deprogram their operations. Liberal doctors, for their part, were engaged in difficult price negotiations with Health Insurance. These resulted last week in a draft agreement, which must be submitted by the unions to their bodies in the coming days. Health Insurance hopes for an official signature next week.