Coldplay has exciting news for fans with the announcement of their upcoming album titled “Moon Music.” The album, set to be released on October 4th, will mark the band’s tenth studio album following their previous release, “Music Of The Sphere,” in the summer of 2021. Fans can look forward to the first single from this new project being available on streaming platforms this Friday, June 21st.

What sets this album apart is Coldplay’s commitment to environmental sustainability. The band revealed that “Moon Music” will be the world’s first album produced in the form of an EcoRecord rPET weighing 140 grams. Each copy of the album is made from nine PET plastic bottles, recycled from post-consumer waste. This eco-friendly approach to music production aligns with Coldplay’s ongoing efforts to reduce their environmental impact over the years.

In 2019, Coldplay made headlines when they canceled their global tour for the album “Everyday Life” in response to environmental concerns. The band expressed their dedication to finding ways to minimize the ecological footprint of their tours. Despite this setback, Coldplay successfully held their innovative global tour in 2022, introducing groundbreaking initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.

During the tour, Coldplay utilized a rechargeable and collapsible battery, a groundbreaking innovation in the entertainment industry. Additionally, they powered their performances using energy generated by solar panels and kinetic floors that captured energy from the audience. These initiatives reflected Coldplay’s commitment to sustainability and set a new standard for eco-conscious touring practices in the music industry.

With the upcoming release of “Moon Music,” Coldplay continues to lead by example in incorporating sustainability into their music production and tour practices. Fans can not only enjoy the band’s signature sound but also support their environmental efforts by purchasing an album that embodies their eco-friendly values. Stay tuned for more updates on Coldplay’s journey towards a greener music industry as they inspire change and set a positive example for fans and fellow artists alike.