Everyone has a secret, a little white lie, something they’d rather not say out loud. In Metro’s confession section, a Metro reader dares to do just that. This week: Marisca, who is afraid to confess that she visits a nudist camp every year.

“Every year I look forward to it, our summer vacation in Spain. Two weeks of absolutely nothing, except swimming, lounging, and good food. As much as possible, of course, with two young children aged four and six, but still: getting away from the daily rat race of life.

Walking around naked
Now, this may sound very familiar to many people, because I think everyone longs for a vacation. Only I literally shake everything off on vacation, because we go to a nudist camp every year. There’s nothing better than arriving at your holiday destination where the sun is shining, and then taking off your clothes and walking around naked.

I understand that not everyone feels comfortable with that, but I’m used to it: as a child, I already visited this camp and walked around naked all day, so I don’t know any different. However, I am aware that there is a taboo surrounding nudist camps. People often think that everyone is constantly watching each other: how big someone is, fat, thin, whatever. Or that there is a sexual undertone. But you don’t pay attention to that at all.

Everyone on our campsite thinks it’s normal to order sandwiches naked at the bakery, or to bike to the pool without clothes – although I often wear shorts, because it’s more comfortable. But the funny thing is: no one pays attention to you, they actually look stranger if you’re wearing something. I love that we are all the same in such a mini-community. Status and clothing don’t matter, everyone is equal.

Quick to take off clothes
My boyfriend and I have been together for years, so he quickly found out about my annual camping trips. Initially, he thought it was strange, even when I said I wanted to keep visiting this camp – preferably with him, although I understood if he didn’t fancy it. But although it felt awkward for him, he decided to come along. Ha, he was immediately sold and takes off his clothes faster than I do when we’re there again.

But well, such a vacation is not ‘standard’. In fact, when I once went out to dinner with friends, one of them told me she had read an article about naturism and found it really weird. Everyone nodded in agreement, so you understand that I didn’t dare confess about my camping trips.

Confessed: keeping quiet about nudity
That’s why I decided a long time ago not to tell people where I spend my holidays. Not even when my colleague recently asked where I always go, because I always have such nice stories and she was interested – I made up an excuse that they only work with regular guests. I now tell people that I’m going to Spain, but I leave out the nudity part. Ha, I always get compliments that I’m so tan and you can’t see my bikini ‘lines’. Then I chuckle to myself and say something about always pulling them down while sunbathing.

I do find it conflicting towards my children. I really want to teach my children that everyone is equal, and that it doesn’t matter how you look, but on the other hand, I will – once they are older – also tell them not to shout this out everywhere, because not everyone thinks the same about it. In that respect, the taboo still exists. Through this way, I hope to break it, even if it’s just by confessing my story anonymously.”

For privacy reasons in combination with sensitive topics, the names are fictitious. The real names are known to the editorial team.

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