a week ago, told the former ‘dancing with the stars’winner and table tennis player Mie Skov to See and Hear that she and badmintonspilleren Carsten Mogensen is gone from each other for more than five years.

For Extra Magazine elaborates on the Mie Forest now, which is why she and badmintonspilleren no longer a couple.

– It is not a secret that we have been through a pretty tough period the last three years. We have become parents, and so was Carsten the hit of the here very serious stroke on top also. After we have had a hard time to find each other and find a way back to family life, says Mie Forest.

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Here she stresses, too, that it was her who took the decision to go from Carsten Mogensen – not vice versa.

– It was me, who came forward to, that we were not good for each other anymore, and therefore, it was also my decision. Carsten has much focus on his sport and career, and it is also completely understandable, but it has been very difficult for us to find the balance in it. So it is my decision, because I do not believe that we fit together, and that we have the same family values. But we are not enemies, saith the Mie Skov, who also stresses that there is a third party involved in their break.

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Mie Forest is no longer together with Carsten Mogensen (to the right in the picture). Photo: Claus Fisker

Mie Forest moved in the middle of October to an apartment in Charlottenlund – mind you, without Carsten Mogensen, who she has lived with since 2013. Carsten Mogensen has been a resident of the townhouse, which the couple owns together, and as they gave 6.3 million dollars for the return in 2015. The same year the couple were parents to son Benjamin.

The former couple is now in the process of finding out what to do with their former joint home and, not least, their son.

– We own is still a home in Charlottenlund, but I live in an Perabet apartment now, which is close to our son’s institution, and his relationships. Carsten and I have not found out what we are doing in relation to Benjamin yet. It takes a little bit along the way, but right now I have him most of the time, because Carsten travelling very much, says the Mie Forest.

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even Though it is her who has made the decision to go, does she does not hide that she is very affected by the breach.

– It is a familiedrøm, there is a burst. I have always wanted a family, but it was not to be. I had to listen to myself. We have had some tough years as a family, and now it’s just nice that I can work a little with myself and the things I want. However, it is clear that it has certainly not been easy, says Mie Forest.

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Mie Skov and Mads Vad won the ‘dancing with the stars’ in 2013. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Mie Skov has after four years of absence made a comeback on the Danish bordtennislandshold, and in december last year she completed her training as a mastercoach. It is planned that she after the new year to become self-employed in coachfirmaet Raise the Bar.

– It is a very exciting time, I go in the meeting. I am soon finished with my education, and so I look forward to get myself in the game. It is nice to be myself again, and now I’m even in focus. To be a parent and at the same time had to cope with serious illness is a big upheaval, so I need to take care of myself, ” says Mie Forest.

Ekstra Bladet has been in touch with Carsten Mogensen, who did not want to comment on the breach very closely.

– It is real enough, it was Mies decision, but I have no need to talk about my private life in the press, says Carsten Mogensen.

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Carsten Mogensen during the european championship in 2016, suffered a stroke that threatened to smash his life and career. But just in the course of a few months he managed to get on the legs and train themselves in top shape, so he soon once again became a part of the world’s elite in badminton. Together with his partner Mathias Boe he has since won several major tournaments.