Are you dealing with a pressing issue and want to hear someone else’s opinion? Every week, Metro shares a reader’s dilemma. This week, we have Danique (33), who is annoyed by her best friend’s child.

Danique and her best friend have known each other for a long time. They went to high school together, had a wild college experience, went on vacations together, and had many adventures. Their friendship is very dear to them.

Her best friend has been in a steady relationship for a while now and has a child. Her daughter is three years old, and her birth has changed a lot, including their friendship.

Since her friend had a child, everything has changed. She is busy, living a different life, often tired, and has much less time for Danique. Danique understands this and tries to be considerate.

The issue Danique has is with her friend’s child. The child is hyperactive, annoying, screams, cries, doesn’t listen well, and sometimes disrupts the environment. Danique finds her friend’s daughter extremely irritating. When they go out, the child behaves poorly, bites other children, grabs things from tables, and causes a scene. Danique feels uncomfortable when the child is around and finds it difficult to relax when spending time with her friend.

Danique’s dilemma is that she wants to see her friend but finds her friend’s child to be a major distraction. She struggles to spend time with her friend because the child is always present. Danique wants to find a way to address this issue without hurting her friend’s feelings.

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Remember, open communication and understanding are key when navigating challenging situations like these. It’s essential to approach the issue with empathy and respect for all parties involved.

In conclusion, dealing with a friend whose child is disruptive can be challenging, but with honest communication and mutual understanding, it is possible to find a solution that works for everyone. Openly discussing your concerns with your friend and finding common ground can help improve the situation and strengthen your friendship in the long run.