Reindustrialize. The government has made this its credo. A week after announcing record foreign investments during the Choose France summit, Emmanuel Macron announced the construction of ten new factories in France. If the president reserved the effect of announcement in the weekly L’Express on Wednesday May 22, it was Rolland Lescure, Minister Delegate in charge of Industry, who detailed the various projects at the Vivatech show this Thursday 23 may.

Selected as part of the “First Factory” call for projects, launched by the government, the ten companies are industrial start-ups. The objective is stated: “to convert the excellence of French research and entrepreneurship into industrial and productive successes,” notes the Ministry of the Economy in a press release. These ten projects could create 1,000 additional jobs in France, according to data provided by the winners. To achieve this, the government has just released 42 million euros in aid to support the 121 million euros of investment planned by these ten factory projects.

Among the projects, we find several aerospace start-ups such as the company Expliseat, which designed and certified the first composite transport seat and which intends to install its production in Avrillé in Pays de la Loire. The government has also selected the future Ion-X factory, in Palaiseau, which will produce engines for small satellites. In Hauts-de-France, in Ponts-Sainte-Maxence, the company Pyromeral Systems will build its production plant for “composite parts with ceramic matrices for the defense sector and civil and military aeronautics”, details the press release.

The government’s plan also gives pride of place to the decarbonization of industry. The company My Vosges, which uses wood pyrolysis technology to produce biocarbon, will establish itself in Chavelot in the Grand Est. The start-up GravitHy will set up its future factory in Fos-sur-Mer (Paca) while Energy Observer Developments will set up in Antony. Finally, the State will co-finance the industrial project of the company Toopi Organics which recycles human urine into agricultural fertilizer or the Cybertron project of the company Vistory, which manufactures mini-manufacturing factories to produce parts of replacement on demand, or even Huddle Corp in Saint-Herblain and Deltalys based in Saint-Fons.