Good news+ FÖLJPRESENTERAS AVBerguven was stuck in fishing line – then became Nicasio, 60, räddningenGODA NEWS

60-year-old Nicasio Muniz has had to interrupt his breakfast when he heard a noise outside the door. It turned out to be a great horned owl caught in a fishing line and being attacked by crows.

Nicasio Muniz, 60, was eating breakfast on Sunday morning in the home at Ringön in Gothenburg, sweden when he heard the noise outside. He thought at first that it was the crows and fiskmåsarna that sounded as usual.

– But the missus thought it was something else and went and looked. ”But Nick, there is a huge owl,” she said, ” says Nicasio.

He went out and looked after, and very real, it had caused was a great horned owl that was stuck in a fishing line.

– It was wrapped in the grip and in one wing. It could not fly away, it tried to get away the crows that went on it.

Nicasio was quickly on hand to rescue Romabet it.

– I picked it up, removed the rope and bar into it, ” he says and continues:

– It seemed to not be damaged, but I didn’t want to fiddle so much on it.

1 of 4 | Photo: PrivatNicasio saw to save the eagle owl that got stuck.

He placed the filtinlindade eagle owl in a flyttlåda and got in touch with the fågelcentret sent a djurambulans. While waiting on the ambulance, saw Nicasio after the.

– When I opened the box checked it on me with their jättevackra eyes and signaled ”don’t come too close, I’m no one to play with”.

finally got the eagle owl to be brought to the fågelcentret where it is now.

– I called today, it seemed that everything is good. They will keep it for a few days but will call when they are going to release it so perhaps I may be with.

For Nicasio, it feels good that they could notice the eagle owl in time.

– The felt feels very good to help it, it is such a beautiful animal. I’m very proud, I don’t really know if it would have fared otherwise.