A permit for the discharge of the of 290,000 cubic metres of waste water in the Sound may not be immediately withdrawn, but the consent which is given by the technical and environmental administration in the Copenhagen Municipality, must now be investigated remotely.

The state technology and environment mayor Ninna Hedeager Olsen (EL).

She is on Monday night stepped out from a meeting about the case in engineering and the committee on the environment. It is a unanimous committee has taken the decision.

– External parties – legal and academic – to examine whether there are alternatives, and whether there has been error in the proceedings. And it should not be the management itself, which has already come to a decision, says Ninna Hedeager Olsen.

It will therefore also be illuminated, if there is a possibility to withdraw the authorisation, inform the she.

Management believes that the authorisation is correct. The mayor has, therefore, a need for a proper reason, if the decision should be rolled back.

the Management will, therefore, now to the task to set up a mission with the professionals, must look at the decision.

technology and environment committee must subsequently approve the terms of reference, according to which the management can return to the committee when the terms of reference have come to a conclusion.