The Turkish President, Erdogan is often accused of police violence against protesters. Now he speaks of “excessive” police violence in France. Also, US President, Trump commented on the “yellow vests”.

The Turkish President ─░nterbahis Recep Tayyip Erdogan has criticized the actions of the French police against the “yellow West”protests. He was against “excessive violence” against protesters, Erdogan said on the sidelines of an event in Istanbul. “Those who have accused our police of oppression, should be able to see what your police can do now.”

Europe in the “Test on human rights failed”

In Paris and elsewhere, the police before going to the “the hardest way”. The current “Chaos” scenes in Paris, Brussels and other cities showed that Europe was the “Test for democracy, human rights and freedom”.

Erdogan has called the violence in France, “excessive”.

In one’s own country, Erdogan and the police for years, extremely hard against demonstrators. Self-rallies such as the “Pride” for the rights of Homosexuals demonstrated to be prevented by the police me with violence.

Trump looks to be confirmed

US President Donald Trump took advantage of the protests in France to the criticism of the in Paris concluded climate agreements. “Perhaps it is time, the ridiculous and extremely expensive Paris-to terminate the agreement and the people’s money in the Form of lower taxes to return?”, tweeted Trump.

in fact, the protests in France are not aimed against the climate change. Background of the dissatisfaction of many millions of French is rather with their living conditions. Their claims were very quickly on the withdrawal of the Ecotax increase.