They won the fourth largest lottery win in France: a couple, who wished to remain anonymous, won 166,790,050 euros during the Euromillions draw on April 30. The wife, who was not with her husband when he played, was the first surprise, reports the FDJ in a press release. And for good reason: he didn’t play their usual grid because… of a problem with his phone screen.

That day, the husband had almost forgotten to play for the large jackpot of 166 million euros, so he wanted to urgently fill out a grid on the FDJ application. But his phone is broken. “I chose the numbers because they were the only ones I could select on my screen,” he remembers. Above all, I wanted to validate my grid before the end of regulation time.”

The technical difficulties ultimately brought him luck, matching the winning combination: 13, 22, 24, 33, 47 and the stars 5 and 1. “I thought I was dreaming, I had to look again and again,” says the lucky winner, who initially thought he had won “only” 160,000 euros because he couldn’t believe seeing so many zeros. It was with the help of his son that he managed to confirm the good news.

Wanting to spare his effect, however, he did not immediately warn his wife, to whom he has been married for 30 years. He barely promised her a surprise, without saying more before coming home in the evening. “I thought about the Euromillions, but the numbers didn’t correspond to our usual grid,” she says. Now I understand better!”

What are they going to do with their 166 million euros? Change your phone, travel and maybe buy a house by the sea, they list, barely beginning to realize the new life that is available to them. “When we were traveling we used to have coffee in some really nice places. Now we can get a room too.”