It’s a beautiful story of which there are too few. On January 16, a Frenchman won the sum of 87,952,585 euros. Wishing to remain anonymous, without even revealing his region of residence, this forty-year-old therefore received a check for the same amount this Monday, reports La Française des Jeux in a press release. Although he rarely played, his bet on the numbers 10, 18, 21, 33, 45, and the stars 8 and 12 allowed him to reap the jackpot. When he heard the news, he had a hard time believing it: “It was early, I hesitated for a long time about going to work that morning,” he confided to the FDJ. A surprise all the greater since he plays Euromillions and EuroDreams with the same lucky numbers.

His bank advisor, very quickly informed of this news and delighted for his client, also began to play. “I asked him to avoid winning; he’s a very good banker and I wouldn’t want to lose him,” he says, amused. And to add, ironically: “It seems that we have a better chance of coming across the President of the Republic by dialing a random telephone number than of winning Euromillions.”

Newly rich, this lucky winner is therefore planning to leave his “very physically demanding” job very soon. His millions should allow him to buy old cars or take trips to Australia and the United States. With this third largest sum won in France, he would also like to carry out work on his home and make property purchases. While hoping that his money benefits associations or young entrepreneurs.