This Friday, March 15, a player’s life could be turned upside down. La Française des Jeux and the entire Euromillions community are putting a Mega Jackpot of at least 130 million euros into play. If it is not won, it could gradually increase up to 250 million euros, the ceiling amount. In the event that no player has the winning series, with MyMillion, the FDJ guarantees a winner for this week’s new draw.

A Mega Jackpot, like this one, is around seven times the usual minimum win. An opportunity that only happens three to five times a year… Last year, a lucky person won this exceptional jackpot of 240 million euros in Austria. This is the historical record for this drawing game since its creation in 2004.

The last jackpot won in France dates back to February 19. A family from Rhône saw their lives turned upside down after aligning the correct numbers in the FDJ lottery. In a press release, the company reveals the details of the happy event: “for nine years, the mother of the family has been playing the same numbers every week. While she watches the drawing show broadcast on TF1 in the evening, she prepares to do her ritual. She has the habit of highlighting the numbers on her grid one by one, when they come out of the spheres. That evening, she highlights and discovers that all her numbers are up! Surprised, she asks her youngest son to check. He also can’t believe it. Then comes the time of joy and announcements to different members of the family. When announcing it to her brother, she said to him “you’re going to be able to roll out the red carpet for me!” And that’s what he did: he bought a red carpet to welcome his mother.

While waiting to go to FDJ headquarters to collect the check for 12 million euros, one of the sons was given the heavy responsibility of keeping the receipt. He then placed it in a drawer. For her part, the mother, retired, announced that she wanted to continue playing the same grid every week. The family’s first project is to change vehicles and travel, reports the company.

To put the most chances on your side, the FDJ has published its latest statistics of the numbers regularly drawn in EuroMillions. With 63 draws to its credit, number 21 comes in first position. The 34 and the 35 come in second position, tied with 53 exits each. The 42 total has no less than 49 exits. Followed by 10, 12, 19 and 38 with 47 exits. They are closely followed by the number 17 with 46 occurrences, and 2, 5, 16 and 20 which account for 45 occurrences. Finally, number 22 brings up the rear, released only 26 times.

For the stars, number 3 is at the top of this ranking with 88 outings. It is followed by 2 which has 78 exits. Then come the 6 with 78 exits then the 11 with 74 exits. Since the launch of Euromillions in 2004, France “has recorded 126 jackpots out of a total of 567 jackpots won throughout the community” specifies the company in a press release. So at only 2.50 euros per ticket, will France have its new millionaire this evening?