It is probably very few parents who have brought up their children to tease others.

But what do you do if your child is doing just that?

When ten-year Kirsten Cox from the state of Ohio in the UNITED states for the second time, was expelled from that run with school bus in three days, because she had bullied one of the other passengers, decided her father, Matt Cox, that she should have a lesson.

She was allowed to go eight miles to school in cold weather, while her father followed in the car.

Subsequently, her father posted the video on Facebook, and since the 3. december has had 15 million views and got almost 67.000 comments.

Not less than 342.560 has indicated what they think about the video, which has been featured in several international media, including the BBC.

In the video tells Matt Cox a bit about his views on bullying, and why his daughter walking along the road and not sitting inside the car.

– Let me make it clear: Bullying is unacceptable. In particular, in my home, says Matt Cox in the video.

– last Friday, when my daughter came home, she said: Father, you Goldenbahis will have to drive me to school next week. But, as you can see this morning, we do it not quite like, he explains.

According to Matt think many children today, that they are entitled to various benefits, such as being run in the school. He recognises, however, that there probably is a part of the parents, who do not agree to his way to give his daughter a lesson on:

– But that’s okay, because I do it the way I think is best, and which I believe can get her to stop to bully others, says Matt Cox.

In an updated posting on his Facebook profile he says that his daughter has learned the lesson, and it seems she has gained a new perspective on bullying, as she has learned to appreciate the smaller things that she previously took for granted.

The eight miles was spread out over all three days, as the expulsion lasted.

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