Many danes have earned a good deal of holiday pay, which really should have been frozen in a special fund until retirement age.

But now, there is the prospect that the money instead ticking into your account within a foreseeable future.

In any case, there is a political majority in order to disburse the funds, as doing so could help the economy in the revs on top in the coronakrisen.

the Government’s contacts with Radical Left seems indeed positive on the idea.

‘We are discussing a number of growth initiatives in the radical just now. The frozen holiday pay could be an obvious place to look. But we have not yet put the us firm,’ says the party’s finansordfører, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, in a written comment to Extra Blade.

In advance hills all the bourgeois parties in the starting up of the proposal, and thus is the majority on the way to fall in place.

in Addition, both the current economic overvismand, Carl-Johan Dalgaard, and his predecessor, Hans Jørgen Whitta-Jacobsen, positive to bring the frozen holiday pay for the payment. It writes the Finance.

With the ruling party, the Social democrats, waiting for you to “approve” of the idea.

– We listen to the suggestions that come in the debate – there are many from both economists, organizations, and other parties. We reject nothing of the present, and we look forward to having a discussion with the political parties on how to most appropriately can make a reboot of Denmark, says finansordfører Christian Rabjerg Madsen.

part of The frozen holiday pay total eur 100 billion. kr. The scheme is due to the danes earn double holiday pay in the transition phase to a new model.

For the individual is an amount, which constitutes 12.5 per cent of the ferieberettigede salary. It will say the gross earnings deducted from the salary during the vacation. Payable tax on the holiday pay, when they will be paid.

The vested funds have been frozen since 1. september 2019 – the scheme runs until 31. august of this year.

in Order to avoid an overheating of the economy was there in the first place added up to many billions were to be frozen until retirement age.

But with the need to boost the economy, after cononakrisen paralyzed the society, more so pointed at a payout of holiday pay as an option.