Isabelle Overtakes Kevin in “Tout le monde veut prendre sa place”, How Much Are Her Winnings?

On Friday, June 7, 2024, Isabelle managed to maintain her title on the game show “Tout le monde veut prendre sa place”. The champion was able to increase her winnings to surpass those of Kevin. Let’s take a look.

The television game show “Tout le monde veut prendre sa place” recently welcomed a new champion in the form of Isabelle. This mother of two, full of humor and with a solid general knowledge, quickly captivated the audience and host Jarry with her endearing personality and sharp wit when she arrived on May 31. On the set, she was accompanied by her husband, Jean-Pierre, and their daughter, Laurène. The mother of two does not lack humor, as she demonstrated by affectionately calling her husband “My idiot” and in return, he nicknamed her “My silly”. This humorous exchange immediately won over the audience and showed a lively side to her personality!

Isabelle on track to keep her seat?
The contestant returned to the show on Friday, June 7, 2024. At the start of the show, as host Jarry announced, Isabelle’s winnings stood at 5,600 euros. She had already surpassed Kevin’s winnings, the player she eliminated on May 31, before even starting to play that day. Indeed, he had a total of 3,500 euros. Isabelle did not just surpass the former contestant’s winnings: she continued to fully engage in the game. This Friday, she once again managed to defeat Myriam, who tried everything to dethrone Isabelle. During the final challenge, Myriam scored 6 points on the topic of food discoveries, while Isabelle emerged victorious with 15 points on the theme of African animals. It seems that the champion is indeed here to keep her seat! This victory allowed her to conclude the show with a sixth win and 6,200 euros in winnings.

Kevin dethroned but proud of his journey
During the meeting between Kevin and Isabelle on the show, everything was decided during the final challenge. Isabelle had to answer a questionnaire about baseball, scoring 18 points, while Kevin was given a questionnaire about great lawyers, a field in which he quickly showed his limits by only scoring 8 points. To negotiate his place in the adventure, Kevin offered 500 euros to Isabelle to keep the seat. But the mother preferred to take her chances. “I had a great time. Incredible. A must do!”, Kevin said after congratulating his replacement. A great sportsmanship spirit!