Through the program the other found a couple sheds light on the first joint christmas patterns, We Women magazine.First date at the altar -programme expert Marianna Stolbow pui video on divorce.

first date at the altar -the program of the fifth season of the familiar Mine and Heikki have continued their marriage after the program. The duo has told the autumn. We Women magazine. They have continued getting to know each other and spent a lot of time together.

Series married Mine and Heikki continued together with software after the shoot. AVA

Heikillä is still in her flat in Tampere and Mine lives with his dog in Helsinki. Mine is finishing master’s studies and Heikki doctoral thesis.

the Mine told the newspaper that he didn’t like the gift rumba and christmas fuss made over you. He points out that our society has a lot of families Matadorbet and the lonely, who have a modest christmas at the front.

the couple spends first christmas at Mine with the family, as the Mine enjoys the common table gathering for the holidays.

– we Enjoyed the peace, food, sauna and board games. Christmas the most important thing to me is being together with loved ones and relaxation for example a good book, Heikki walked.

Heikki to tell the program in the Jehovah’s witness background.

the magazine interview, he said that he has acquired about ten years ago, the first christmas tree for his family. Heikki’s father didn’t want to decorate the tree, which he regarded as the beautiful as such in the living room.

It remained only for christmas, when six were acquired. Generally speaking, christmas feels like a foreign and contradictory to celebrate the holy tradition of lack, but I still enjoy a lot of christmas-related atmosphere. I like to give and share gifts at christmas for family and close, Heikki said.

the couple took into account the consumption minimisation and climate-friendly recycled gifts and intangible gifts in the form of.