Joe Biden’s Convoy Paralyzes Roads in Île-de-France: Half of the Ring Road and Four Highways Closed

New massive road closures disrupted the morning commute for Parisians without any prior announcement. This unexpected closure caused chaos for commuters in the Île-de-France region.

This morning, the A6a, A6b, A13, A106, and half of the Paris ring road were closed, affecting thousands of commuters. These closures were put in place to facilitate the movement of President Joe Biden’s convoy, according to the police prefecture. Despite the inconvenience caused, the closures were necessary for security reasons and efforts were made to minimize the disruption.

The closures led to a significant increase in traffic congestion, with up to 460 kilometers of cumulative traffic reported at 9 a.m. This caused delays in public transportation, with bus lines experiencing disruptions and the T3b tram line being temporarily suspended for safety reasons. Even waste collection services were affected by the closures.

Drivers expressed frustration and disbelief at the lack of prior notice regarding the road closures. Some questioned the necessity of the closures, while others found humor in the situation. Despite the challenges faced by commuters, some managed to see a silver lining in the situation.

While some highways reopened around 9 a.m., traffic remained heavy in the affected areas. Commuters faced long delays in reaching their destinations, with travel times significantly longer than usual. The reopening of the outer ring road was the final step in restoring normal traffic flow.

Overall, the unexpected road closures caused significant disruption and frustration for commuters in the Île-de-France region. The impact of these closures highlights the importance of effective communication and planning to minimize inconvenience for the public.