Ishana Shyamalan, the daughter of renowned suspense master M. Night Shyamalan, has made her directorial debut with the thrilling horror film “Les Guetteurs.” Here are five things to know about this mysterious and suspenseful movie.

What is it about? The story follows Mina, who stumbles upon a house in the forest occupied by three people. She soon learns the secret rules of this place: every night, the residents must allow themselves to be observed by the mysterious beings in the forest. They cannot see them, but the watchers see everything.

Literary Origins: “Les Guetteurs” is based on a book of the same name by author A.M Shine, published in 2021 by Head of Zeus. Ishana Shyamalan was drawn to adapt the story from as early as page 70. The director aimed to stay true to the universe of the novel, a horror thriller, her preferred genre.

Family Collaboration: This project marks the first collaboration between Ishana Shyamalan and her father, M. Night Shyamalan. The elder Shyamalan fully produced the film, showcasing his support for his daughter’s budding career. Ishana has previously worked on the series “Servant,” created by her father in 2019, emphasizing the strong artistic bond they share.

Summer of Shyamalan: “Les Guetteurs” hits theaters two months before M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming film “Trap” (August 9, 2024). Despite the simultaneous releases, the father-daughter duo sees it as a coincidence and an opportunity for audiences to enjoy a double dose of Shyamalan thrillers in what they playfully call “The Summer of Shyamalan.”

Inspirations and Visual Aesthetics: Ishana Shyamalan drew inspiration from a diverse range of sources for “Les Guetteurs.” While paying homage to Irish folklore, she also found influence in Lars Von Trier’s unsettling film “Antichrist” for its dark and eerie atmosphere. Additionally, elements from Guillermo del Toro’s “Pan’s Labyrinth” and Robert Eggers’ “The Witch” contributed to the film’s visual style. The ultimate inspiration, however, comes from the fantastical world of Hayao Miyazaki.

Filming Locations: To honor the original book, Ishana Shyamalan chose to shoot the bar scene in the pub where A.M Shine wrote the novel, located in Galway, Ireland. The team initially struggled to find the right forest setting until they discovered the enchanting Ballinastoe forest in Wicklow. The eerie and timeless atmosphere of the forest became a character in itself, adding depth to the film’s narrative.

Despite the challenges faced during filming, including harsh weather conditions and demanding scenes, Ishana Shyamalan’s dedication to bringing this chilling story to life shines through in every frame of “Les Guetteurs.” As audiences immerse themselves in this suspenseful thriller, they can appreciate the blend of familial support, literary inspiration, and visual artistry that define this captivating film.