26. may this year was crown prince Frederik celebrated with bravura on the occasion of his 50th birthday.

But even if it were the crown prince, which was celebrated, it was crown princess Mary, who ran with all the attention. She did this because of his touching speech to her husband during the gala dinner, which was held at the Christiansborg Castle.

the Speech went straight into the heart – not only on prince, but on the whole of the Danish population, and now about half a year after – the speech won a prestigious award for ‘best speech’.

In connection with the award ceremony, which was held earlier in the day in Vartovs Large Hall in Copenhagen, told the crown princess Mary of denmark, according to TV2, that she was very nervous prior to the speech, and that she therefore had to break the royal etiquette.

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Before she walked on to the podium during the birthday, she had to-namely, to apologise for his bordherre and say that she was going out to wash the hands.

And, precisely, it is a break with royal tradition. Normally, you travel not to go to the toilet during the royal gala dinners. Because of the nervousness was crown princess Mary of denmark, however, have to make an exception.

– What if it fell to the ground with a big bang? What if it was followed by a deafening silence instead of laughter?, explained Mary, according to TV2, as she a short time ago received the award for ’the end of the Talk 2018′.

crown Princess Mary will receive the award in Vartovs Great Hall in Copenhagen. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/Ólafur Steinar Gestsson

In connection with the award ceremony told Mary that she was slightly panic when she found out that it was expected she gave a speech for her husband.

– When I was made aware that there was an expectation that I should speak to my husband for his 50-årsfødseldag, was my reaction is shared. The one part I thought: ‘of Course’. The other part thought, ‘Panic’, she said.

Fortunately, went the speech pure home of the entire assembly to the royal gala dinner, and also among the danes.

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Under the Danish crown princess Mary’s celebration, the danes were among other things a very personal insight into her and the crown prince’s life. One thing that many particularly took note of was the many mischievous and funny comments about the Danish crown prince.

the crown princess revealed personal details during the award ceremony. Photo: Ólafur Steinar Gestsson/Ritzau Scanpix

During the speech revealed the crown princess Mary, among other things, that the crown Gobahis prince is wild with good old-fashioned dad-humor, and it was for a good reason.

– I wanted to talk to my husband; to touch him; to tell him what he is for me, and I had the urge to invite all others; to let them see it, I see; to take them on the trip, which has been our. In the text was the essence of it, which was most important for me to have said: That the time, the place and the love is real, said crown princess Mary in connection with the awards, according to TV2.