The grumpiest of our artists has struck again. During the Paris premiere of the film about his latest tour, presented on Monday, June 10 at Pathé Wepler, Michel Sardou couldn’t help but take a swipe at the political class. It must be said that President Macron had just announced the dissolution of the National Assembly, causing a political earthquake. As Michel Sardou stood in front of the audience, a fan asked him if he planned to return to the stage, to which the 77-year-old singer humorously replied, “In 2029, you’ll have nothing. I will be Prime Minister or nothing!”

This statement electrified the audience, who quickly started chanting, “Michel for president!” as reported in a video by journalist Patrick Simonin posted on X. The cheers were quickly interrupted by Sardou himself, saying, “President? No, no, we hate presidents, but we say ‘Prime Ministers, they are funny.'” He then suddenly added, as if alluding to the current situation, “Stop bothering the French, now that would be nice.” This statement adds to the colorful remarks of an artist who has always disregarded political correctness. His criticisms of ministers or elected officials are numerous – the latest being against Sandrine Rousseau – lamenting a France that he no longer recognizes, both unreformable and full of restrictions.

Is Sardou right-wing? “He is more of an anarchist, individualist, therefore right-wing, who mocks conventions and institutions,” explains journalist and fan Florent Barraco in his book on the artist. Or a patriot, or even a die-hard Frenchman, who openly loves his country even if it means going overboard. This doesn’t mean that the entire left hates him, as evidenced by an invitation he received from François Mitterrand for a lunch at the Elysée – the socialist president knew many of his songs.

At 77 years old, the singer of “J’habite en France” is not about to embark on a political career. He only dreams of enjoying a well-deserved retirement with his wife, Anne-Marie Périer. The singer has sold his properties in Paris and Normandy to buy a splendid estate in Bormes-les-Mimosas: an ultra-secure residence of 500 m2 on two levels, with three pagodas and an almost private beach, according to Nice-Matin. This allows him to finally relax, even though he is geographically surrounded by two presidents: one in office at Brégançon, the other in retreat at Cap Nègre with Carla Bruni.