Title: “Under the Seine” Drowned in Criticism in France

Netflix’s disaster movie, “Under the Seine,” faces a wave of criticism in France but receives praise from English-speaking journalists who see it as a worthy successor to “Jaws.” The film, released on Netflix on June 5th, follows Sofia, an oceanographer grieving the tragic death of her husband, as she encounters a mutant shark in the waters of the Seine attacking unsuspecting swimmers. Despite being labeled as a “disaster” by French media, the film manages to top the French charts on the streaming platform.

Critics in France have not been kind to “Under the Seine.” The film has been described as a “fiasco” that “hits rock bottom” and is filled with clichés, only shining through multiple viewings. The movie has been criticized for being unbelievable and falling into the category of a low-budget film. The portrayal of Paris in the film has received some credit for highlighting the integrity and dedication of the river police.

While French critics have been harsh, English-speaking reviewers have been more forgiving. Some see “Under the Seine” as a departure from the typical shark attack films, with its setting in Paris during the fictional world triathlon championships in 2024. Comparisons have been drawn to “Jaws,” with some suggesting that the film may even be one of the best shark-themed movies ever made.

Despite its flaws, “Under the Seine” has managed to capture the attention of viewers and critics alike, sparking debates about its place in the disaster movie genre. While some see it as a failed attempt to follow in the footsteps of classic shark films, others find it entertaining and well-crafted. In the end, the film’s absurd premise and setting in the City of Light make it a unique addition to the shark movie genre.

In conclusion, “Under the Seine” may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but it has managed to make a splash in the world of disaster movies, offering a fresh take on the shark genre and providing viewers with an entertaining escape into the waters of the Seine.