Okaïdi speaks of a “simplification strategy”. The group could eliminate more than 300 positions in the IDKIDS network by 2025 by bringing together certain brands of the group (Okaïdi, Obaïbi and Oxybul – Eveil et jeux) under the Okaïdi banner. The IDKIDS group, based in Roubaix (North), employs 6,500 people worldwide and includes the children’s clothing brands Okaïdi, Obaïbi, Jacadi Paris, Chipie, and the games and toys brand Oxybul – Éveil et jeux.

“Faced with rapidly changing markets, the IDKIDS group is initiating a strategic change” consisting of “bringing together under the Okaïdi banner its entire universe of brands and products dedicated to children: textiles, games and childcare,” explained management. of the group in a press release. “Concretely, the IDKIDS brands and the Oxybul – Eveil et Jeux stores should gradually disappear in favor of Okaïdi” and 70 Okaïdi stores will come under the Okaïdi brand. “Despite a tense market, Okaïdi continues to gain market share,” underlined the group which intends to make this brand “THE benchmark brand for children and parenthood”.

Okaïdi SAS, which brings together the Okaïdi, Obaïbi, Oxybul – Eveil et jeux brands and the non-franchised IDKIDS stores, employs 2,253 people in France. The Okaïdi network, which has the Okaïdi and Obaïbi brands, recorded a turnover of 613 million euros in 2023 (compared to 595 million in 2022), the group indicated. The turnover of Oxybul, Awakening and games amounted to 92 million euros in 2023 (compared to 95 million in 2022).

The strategic plan “should involve transformations, closures and sales of stores, as well as job cuts in the IDKIDS, Okaïdi, Oxybul – Eveil and Jeux networks,” warned the group, citing the figure of 253 positions at risk. “The group’s support functions in Paris and Roubaix would also be affected (58 positions)”, adds the group which estimates that the project “should come to fruition by the end of 2024 and could extend partly into 2025” . Reclassifications could be possible for around fifty positions, according to the press release.