Mayhem in sight in the civil service during the Olympics? The CGT, dissatisfied with the state of social dialogue, will file strike notices at the beginning of April in the three public functions (state, territorial and hospital) for the period covering the Olympics (July 26-August 11), confirmed its secretary general, Sophie Binet, this Thursday March 7 on Franceinfo.

“We want the government to take immediate measures to ensure the success of the Games, for which the CGT has been working for years,” she explained. To do this, our warnings must finally be heard and the games must be prepared from a social point of view. And to insist that “we have been repeating the same thing for months and no one cares. It’s starting to get very tiring.”

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“The Games are hundreds of thousands of workers who are affected,” explained the union leader. “First of all, those who will have to work much more than usual with overtime and paid leave that they will not be able to take. And so for these, we are asking what are the social conditions of this work, how are we going to accommodate all the workers who will have to come to Île-de-France for the Olympics?” asked Sophie Binet. “How are we going to take care of their children when it’s school holidays? What bonuses will they get? For the moment, there is nothing in place on this front,” she lamented.

Sophie Binet, who sent a “red card” to the government on Sunday on social preparation for the Olympics, is asking for a meeting to be organized in Matignon on “the social challenge” that the competition represents. The president of the organizing committee for the Paris Olympic Games Tony Estanguet requested at the end of February a social “truce” during the competition.

Negotiations have been underway for several months in different sectors to address a social conflict in the police, transport and hospitals in order to compensate for postponed vacations and summer overtime. A bonus, up to 1,900 euros, was for example announced on January 30 by Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin for police officers and gendarmes working in Île-de-France. But the question is not completely resolved in other sectors.