Duration of mobilization, increase in activity… The administration has just clarified to the ministries the conditions for granting their agents exceptional bonuses linked to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, in a provisional document. Addressed to the general secretaries of the ministries, the text is in draft form and must be debated on Tuesday during a meeting between the General Directorate of Administration and the Civil Service (DGAFP) and the public employee unions. It specifies that the various bonuses of 500, 1000 and 1500 euros “will concern agents directly mobilized in the preparation and running of the Games and those exposed to a significant increase in activity directly generated by changes in service organization linked to the Games “.

Compensation of 500 euros is provided for service agents who experience a “temporary increase in their activity” and a “one-off” constraint on taking leave on the occasion of the Olympic Games (July 26-August 11) or Paralympic Games ( August 28-September 8). Civil servants who also experience a temporary increase in the activity of their service and are also subject to a “sustained” constraint on their taking of leave will be eligible for the bonus of 1,000 euros.

The 1,500 euros will be paid to agents whose mobilization is “particularly high, over time” and who causes “a strong limitation on the number of days of leave from mid-June and until mid-September 2024”. Finally, “as a derogation and exceptional measure”, the maximum amount of the bonus “may be increased for personnel carrying out public security missions and those whose missions are directly linked to securing the Games”.

The principle of bonuses of up to 1,500 euros was noted in November in a circular from former Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne. But the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin then aroused the anger of the unions by announcing that certain police officers and gendarmes mobilized during the Games would receive up to 1,900 euros in bonuses.

Saturday on franceinfo, the Minister of the Civil Service Stanislas Guerini had already endorsed the idea of ​​an “additional system” for the benefit of the “security forces”. The administration specifies that the bonuses will be paid “starting in October and by the end of 2024”. To avoid congestion on public transport, agents will exceptionally be able to telework more than three days per week and the annual ceiling for compensated teleworking days will be increased by ten days.