VEJLE (Ekstra Bladet): While Alexander Zorniger was busy arguing with a group of Brøndbys fans, so foamed, Vejle, denmark camp after the battle of rage against the Zornigers Polish målsluger, Kamil Wilczek, who quite repulsive show sent an elbow right in the smasken on Kemir Memija at the end of the first half.

the feedback from Vejle staff was that you thought Memijas jaw was broken after the attack from Wilczek. There was, however, not made a definitive diagnosis on Sunday night.

As usual, sneaky Kamil Wilczek outside for interviews with the press with the excuse that he is not ‘comfortable in English’.

It was otherwise fine enough, as Wilczek retaliated against a member of the town staff as he confronted the pole in spillertunellen.

‘Your players tackled me unclean two times,’ sounded Kamil Wilczeks excuse without remorse.

Kamil Wilczek should have been shown in Sunday’s showdown against Vejle, admits the match referee.

Vejle had on Sunday sent Adolfo Sormani out to the press with his nysyede gagged, but the Italian could yet not be completely dy.

– I must be careful what I say, for if I said, Wilczek should have had the red for its Makrobet svinestreg, so I get five the quarantine even further. But the decision with the yellow card is hard to accept. Sorry, Morten, said the Government with the excuse directed at Vejle, head of communications, Morten Pelch.

Judge Peter Kjaersgaard-favoured, in contrast to Kamil Wilczek, up to interview about the incident, who only threw a warning.

– He should have been shown out. Clearly. In the heat of battle considered I, it was a reckless tackle. It was the Brøndby-player a yellow card.

– Now I have seen the incident on the DVD, and it is quite evident, he uses the elbow as a weapon, and advocates in addressing the issue of unnecessary, excessive force. DVD-the images are crucial, and it seems he is acting deliberately. Therefore I can only acknowledge my mistake and say, I’m tired of, I showed the Brøndby player out.

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