What if French athletes didn’t have their outfits for the Olympic Games? Selected by most French sports federations but also by Paris 2024 to dress organizers, officials and referees, Le Coq sportif is experiencing delivery delays. Less than a hundred days before the start of the competitions, concern is growing. The preparations may go back several years, but everything is at stake in the home stretch. “There was a shift in dates for delivering to certain federations,” recognizes Patrick Ouyi, director of the brand. But you shouldn’t worry. The specifications are very complex. There may be delays, which are relative and are managed on a case-by-case basis with each federation. »

Le Coq sportif is playing very big in this event. The company, which partly manufactures in France, was bailed out to be able to win this extraordinary challenge. Since 2020, it has worked hand in hand with sports federations.

The first deliveries began this week, with competition outfits for the Cycling Federation. Judo will follow in ten days, then the Surfing Federation. “Everything will be largely delivered before the games,” insists Patrick Ouyi.

On the Paris 2024 side, we want to be vigilant and reassuring. “We must not forget that the challenge is monumental,” declares François-Xavier Bonnaillie, director of business development and partnerships. Some schedule slippages do not have too many consequences: the teams will have their equipment early enough. We have extremely precise and collective monitoring. »