The heiress, television personalities and fashion designers Paris Hilton told in a new documentary of his life.Paris Hilton photographed last week in Hollywood, leaving Deliah nightclub.

a Television program in his well-known Paris Hilton and her ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon sex video caused a great stir 14 years ago. Now Hilton has commented on the sex tape to stir for the first time in public after it happened.

Decider-the publication reported that Hilton will tell on the matter, Perabet the novelty of the documentary in the American Meme. Document HIlton told crying sex video leakage.

in One night my whole life changed. All laughing at me. I left the house in months. I was ashamed. It seems to me that all laughed at me.

Hilton compare what happened in the rape.

– It feels like being raped. I feel like I lost a piece of my soul. They talked about me so cruelly and unkindly.

Source: the Decider

Paris Hilton, 37, is known kohuista. In particular, in the early 2000s, the Hilton was constantly in the headlines. ZUMAWIRE/MVPHOTOS