New session record for the CAC 40. This Friday around 11:05 a.m., the index reached 8256.71 points, up 0.84%, surpassing its previous record of March 28 (8253.59 points). The Parisian rating follows the other financial centers in Europe: London pushes back its peaks almost every session since April 23, Frankfurt also established a new record on Thursday, improved on Friday. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is also at a peak, as is the European Stoxx600 index, while the main Italian, Spanish and Polish indices are close to their highest of the year.

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After a difficult month of April, stock markets have rebounded as central banks give new indications of their desire to ease their pressure on the economy, by lowering interest rates in the short or medium term. The economic dynamic in Europe is moving more in the direction of investors. The indicators show a resumption of activity, after several quarters where the euro zone came close to recession and the United Kingdom fell into it. April activity indicators for the euro zone (PMI) are improving and, on Friday, the British Office for National Statistics showed that the country’s gross domestic product increased by 0.6% in the first three months of year, even more than analysts’ expectations. The data in China also portends a tremor, which bodes well for key French companies, such as the luxury sector.