The French are increasingly fond of fast food. The latest figures for the sector, which can be found in the recently published Speak Snacking 2024 study, show this: its turnover in 2023 increased by 11.2%, according to data from Gira Foodservice and Circana. In terms of number of meals served, the increase was 3.2% compared to 2022. The sector now represents 38% of commercial catering turnover.

More precisely, which snack products are the French most fond of? The answer is clear: when asked which savory products they prefer to eat away from home or delivered, it’s pizza that wins the most votes (49%). The famous Italian dish is still progressing in the hearts of the French (12 points compared to 2023). The burger retains its second place (34%).

On the other hand, there is something new on the third step of the podium. “Oust the sushi which monopolizes the 3rd place which is not / no longer innovative and economically competitive enough”, observes the press release of the study, carried out on the occasion of the Sandwich trade shows

Third place is now occupied by kebab (29%, 20 points in two years). The sacrosanct sandwich is only fourth (27%), ahead of traditional dishes (26%) and salad (24%). Followed by panini (21%), pancakes and pancakes (20%), croque-monsieur (18%) and wrap (17%).

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The study also highlights the slightly different tastes of Generation Z, i.e. 18-25 year olds. Compared to the average French person, they consume much more pizza (58% versus 49%), tacos (33% versus 15%), wraps (29% versus 17%), poké bowls (22% versus 13%) and fried chicken (21% versus 14%). Even sushi, which is falling in the overall ranking, is still quite popular among young people (22% compared to 15% on average). Conversely, they are less fond of salads (11% versus 24%), croque-monsieur (11% versus 18%) and quiche (5% versus 15%).

“All savory snacks have progressed in the hearts of French consumers with a search for variety and curiosity,” concludes the study. On the sweet snacking side, “the top 10 is quite close to 2023, with the emergence of soft/fondant chocolate which is gaining weight to the detriment of (raw) fruit”. The top of the ranking is still dominated by pain au chocolat (34%), croissant (28%), crepe (26%), custard (25%) and éclair (24%). Among young people, preferences “are more marked with a relative rejection of traditional sweet pastries (flan, éclair, etc.) in favor of American pastries,” underlines the study, adding that “this is also the case for savory with the croque-monsieur for example.

Once the preferences are established, how much are the French prepared to pay at most for their favorite dishes? For pizza, it’s 13.25 euros on average. It’s a little less for the burger (10.50 euros), and even less for the kebab (9.20 euros). The sandwich in the bakery costs almost 7 euros, and 9 euros for the poké bowl. These results “illustrate the premiumization of certain foods”, such as burgers or pizza, notes the study, which also finds in these figures “the craze for the kebab and the probable lack of knowledge of the much more expensive poké bowl”. on average than what the French say they are willing to spend.