There was talk about a cruel sight that met the policemen, who on Sunday afternoon found the bodies of two people at a farm on the Helnæs in South.

on Sunday night confirms the Funen Police to Ekstra Bladet, that there is a middle-aged man and an elderly lady who has been killed. The alleged perpetrator is in police custody.

the Police says that it was several tips from concerned citizens on the small island with some 200 inhabitants, who led the police on the trail of the dobbeltdrab, on Sunday has shaken the local population.

He was initially taken into police custody. In the case that information forward, which leads the police to the address on the Helnæs Byvej, where they found the two persons lying in the yard.

– There is talk about knivdrab with many tricks, and it’s so dramatic, confirms vicepolitiinspektør by The Police Jørgen Andersen of Ekstra Bladet.

He rejects that there is talk about a married couple.

– one is a woman is in the middle of 70’s. The man is between 40 and 50 years, and they were found in the yard, ” says Mariobet Jørgen Andersen.

Jørgen Andersen tells the New York daily news that the police are pretty sure that the arrested person was the tenant with the female victim.

– The two victims had in our information, no relation. It is the woman who lives on the property, while the male victim probably randomly come to the spot – maybe with some wood, which he also has been knivdræbt, tells Jørgen Andersen.

Up against 13 police held Sunday evening parked in front of the farm, where the two individuals were found. Photo: Tim Kildeborg Jensen

Vicepolitiinspektøren also explains that the man who on Sunday was apprehended by the police, appeared to be mentally unstable and a danger to its surroundings. He has allegedly intimidated several residents on the island to run around on the fields.

He was arrested near to the property, where the two killed were found. Therefore Jørgen Andersen sure that you have gotten hold on the offender.

– we consider This particular. There is talk about an ethnic Danish man in late 30’s. He is immediately, not previously known to the police, but he seemed very mentally unstable, since we seized him.

Police on Sunday evening did not establish the motive behind the killing. They provide information simultaneously to the at the 21-time is to notify the families of those killed.

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