Festival-goers are facing unpredictable weather this weekend. Events like Down The Rabbit Hole, Rock Werchter, Awakenings, and By the Creek are taking place, but the weather forecast is not looking great.

Even though it’s officially summer, attendees should prepare for cloudy skies, heavy rain, and temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius.

In Beuningen, where Down The Rabbit Hole is happening, heavy rain is expected tomorrow, so visitors should be prepared for muddy campsites. Thursday and Friday will mostly be dry, with a chance of a few showers. The sun will make an appearance from time to time, with temperatures reaching around 19 degrees.

Saturday morning might bring heavy rain, but it seems like the showers will pass in the early morning before the festival grounds open, although the exact timing is uncertain. Sunday has a lower chance of rain, with more sunshine expected. Temperatures will rise slightly to around 21 degrees. Weeronline warns that the sun will be strong, so unprotected skin can easily burn.

Other festivals are also facing unpredictable weather, with the highest chance of rain on Saturday. Inland areas will see temperatures over 20 degrees, while coastal regions will be around 18 degrees.

Due to heavy rainfall in recent months, many festivals are dealing with issues. Down The Rabbit Hole temporarily halted the sale of parking tickets because the parking lots might have been unusable due to high groundwater levels. On Monday, the organizers announced that all parking lots will indeed be open.

In addition to preparing for the weather, festival-goers should also be mindful of the impact of the recent rain on the festival grounds. It’s advisable to bring appropriate footwear, rain gear, and extra layers to stay warm. It’s also a good idea to pack sunscreen to protect against the strong sun.

Despite the weather challenges, music lovers are still looking forward to enjoying the festivals and the performances lined up. With some extra preparation and a positive attitude, attendees can still have a great time, rain or shine. Stay safe and have fun!