A few customers, the curious through the gears strip, the staff, the give busy Goods – a good hour after the Budni branch has opened near the metro station Senefelder Platz, and is still quiet. The employees are clearly in the Majority.

the drugstore chain in Berlin, Big. On Thursday, opened the Store in the schönhauser Allee 12 is the second Budni business in Berlin. The Hamburg-based company knows of Prenzlauer Berg; the first Berlin branch was opened in June of this year, in the same street at the height of the ring rail. As the company announced, will soon be followed by ten more Budni-shops in the capital. But there is still room for Budni in Berlin, where the drugstores Rossmann and dm have already a network of 196 branches?

For Christoph Wohlke this is not a question. The 41-Year-old head of the family business, Budni together with his father, Cord, and his sister Julia Wohlke in the third or fourth Generation. He keeps the Berlin-based drugstore market “is still far from saturation”. “Berlin has markets in the Federal average, below average, a few drugstores,” he says, and refused immediately to be with dm and Rossmann put in a box. “We have always been more than just a drugstore,” he said.

unlike other providers, Budni offer its customers at each location, customized assortments. “The then goes over the classical Drugstore products such as cosmetics or cleaning products.” The customer finds in the new branch as well as fresh fruit and vegetables, ready-to-eat Sandwiches, Sushi, or soups of the Start-ups Little Lunch. It is not surprising that, as in the first branch in Prenzlauer Berg – a large range of natural cosmetics and organic baked goods belongs to the range. In the Northern branch also has a Café that is part of the concept.

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order a Strategic Alliance with Edeka

in fact, Budni compared to Rossmann (nationwide, over 2,100 branches), and dm (nationwide, nearly 2000 branches), is a small Player. The company was founded in 1912 by Ivan Budnikowsky. After Cord Wöhlkes father Budnikowskys had married daughter, continued the Wohlke-family the company. Currently, Budni operates 180 stores, almost all of which are in the Hamburg area, where Budni claims to be the leading drugstore.

at the beginning of this year, the company had announced to want to leave Hamburg to expand. These ambitions had already been in February 2017 suspects, Budni with the supermarket chain Edeka a “strategic Alliance” decided. The Hamburger expect better terms with the suppliers. For Edeka, in turn, the step is considered to be door in the Drugstore.

in concrete terms, cooperation means that Both the original company Budni, as well as Edeka can open up stores under the brand Budni – for the customer, you do not need to İmajbet be distinguishable. The ten planned Berlin Budnis to be operated by the original company, Edeka speaks to daily mirror demand from a new opening in Bremerhaven, does not exclude the shops in Berlin.

Also Rossmann and dm want to

For Martin fassnacht, do not invest all of this enough to make in Berlin to gain a foothold. “Forget Budni!”, from calling the Professor from the business school, WHU in Düsseldorf, if you talk to him on the expansion plans of the company. “There are already enough suppliers of drugstore articles,” he is convinced. “Supermarkets, drug stores and many small retailers and Kiosk.” In spite of the cooperation with Edeka fassnacht doubts that Budni in Berlin “has not achieved the necessary volume to be able to with the cheap rates of dm and Rossmann keep up”.

Especially since the two chains in Berlin want to continue to grow. Rossmann, with 108 stores the market leader in the capital, wants to invest in the coming year, in extensions, upgrades, and removals. Dm currently operates 88 stores in Berlin. “I don’t know why we could not also 100 branches operate,” had Markus Trojansky, which is in the dm Board for the topic of Expansion, in charge said that in October and glad to see that Berlin now also operate a number of potential customers having a, say, in places like the Alexanderplatz easily three dm branches.

From the point of view of the keg of night, the greatest threat to Budni is, however, already Rossmann or dm, but Amazon. The online business accounts for about dm, only around one percent of total sales. However, it is only a matter of time until the Online is expected to increase share of sales with drugstore products, dramatically, is cask night, for sure. Products such as Laundry detergent or toilet paper, just be very well suited to be by clicking home ordered.

The great enemy is the Amazon

If it is, he looks for the German company, schwarz. “The German drugstores can not say of happiness, that Amazon runs in this area properly,“ says Fassnacht. “If Amazon chooses to attack, must be the large German chains of fear and worry.” Amazon have an extremely good customer loyalty program can simplify the purchase order with the Alexa in the future clearly and have the necessary skills to shape the logistics so that it will be for the client really an advantage over bricks-and-mortar buying.

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Wohlke looks forward to the left. “A Online Shop would be for us, as yet, not economical to operate, and thus not in the interests of our customers, since it would have to be subsidized by the Offline customers,” explains Wohlke. Currently has Budni has an informative website, a Shop or even a services is looking for customer delivery but in vain.