General alert. Matignon announced this Monday that several state services had been targeted since Sunday by computer attacks of “unprecedented intensity”. “Many ministerial services were thus targeted.” While disruptions are still ongoing, the impact at this stage “has been reduced” and access to state sites “restored”. Different hacker groups have claimed responsibility for these attacks on Telegram. Among them is Anonymous Sudan, a group that supports Russia and several Islamist causes.

These hackers speak of a “massive cyberattack” targeting in particular the ministries of Economy, Culture, Ecological Transition, the Prime Minister’s services or the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC). “A crisis unit was activated yesterday evening to deploy countermeasures and guarantee the continuity of IT services,” argued the government. The Ministry of Labor is particularly affected, according to an internal source in the ministry. For the moment, the government does not confirm the origin of the attack.

“The mobilized teams from DINUM (interministerial digital directorate) and ANSSI (national information systems security agency) continue to implement filtering measures until the end of these attacks,” they said. specified the Prime Minister’s services. Before the Paris Olympic Games this summer, the European elections on June 9 will be “a considerable challenge and target” of foreign manipulation, declared Wednesday the Secretary General of Defense and National Security (SGDSN), Stéphane Bouillon.