the Smoke from the australian fires led, in the course of brandsæsonen 2019/2020 to about 445 deaths and more than 4000 hospitalizations.

It estimates a study, which has been presented to a royal commission in Australia. It writes The Guardian on Tuesday.

In all, 80 percent of Australia’s population of approximately 25 million people have been affected by smoke from the fires.

The total cost of health care was on a two billion australian dollar. This is equivalent to almost nine billion Danish kroner.

Associate professor of environmental health at the University of Tasmania Fay Johnston explains, according to The Guardian:

– If you already have a higher risk for a stroke, an increase in the number of particles in the air and the changes that occur in the body, causing cardiac arrest and death, she says to the newspaper.

the Study examines the number of admissions in conjunction with data on ambient air quality. Then is there been seen on the overdødeligheden.

There was 3340 extra hospital admissions for heart and lung problems and more than 1000 extra hospitalizations among people with asthma.

A royal commission is a public inquiry into a specific topic.

According to the terms of reference must both føderalregeringen and the response to the fires investigated – in particular the prime minister, Scott Morrison, was subjected to harsh criticism for their lack of action.

at Least 33 people, including several firefighters, died in the course of brandsæsonen, that of Morrison, was called a ‘black summer’.

the air quality declined in several cities. It happened among others in Sydney, Melbourne and the capital Canberra, where it was 40 times above the limit for harmful air quality. It writes the news agency dpa.

In the worst-affected state, New South Wales, had volunteer firefighters respond to 11.400 fires.

the Fires also gave a massive loss of habitats for several animal species.