It came as a shock to many as the Hollywood yndlingen Jennifer Aniston (49) revealed that she is separated from her husband Justin Theroux (47) in February of this year.

– We wanted to convey the truth itself

In a statement to the news agency AP told the couple, who married in august 2015, that they decided to take out divorce in the end of 2017.

– We would normally have done this in private, but rykteindustrien can’t resist an opportunity to speculate and invent things. We wanted to convey the truth itself.

” We are still two best friends, who have decided to go apart from each other as a couple, but we look forward to continuing the friendship our. Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love we have for each other, shared the at the time.

Jennifer Anistons unhappy love life – didn’t Feel the void

This was Anistons second divorce. 12 years earlier, she and Brad Pitt (54) each to his own after he fell in love with Angelina Jolie (43) on the set of the film ” Mr. & Mrs. Smith “.

Now open the former “Friends”-star about the two very public violations.

– I do not feel any void. I do really not it. Personally, I think marriages mine has been very successful, ” she says in a new interview with the magazine Elle.

Breaks silence about divorce: “It was heartbreaking

And when they ended, there was a choice that was taken because we chose to be happy. Sometimes there existed no happiness in the marriage anymore, she shares candidly.

don’t Look at the violations that defeat,

Furthermore, admits Aniston, the conditions are, of course, had both up and downs, but most importantly for her is to live a full life.

ultimately, we have this one life and I didn’t want to be in a situation because of fear. Fear of being alone. The fear of not surviving. Are you in a relationship based on fear, feels as if one makes your life a bad service, ” she explains to Elle.

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Take a settlement with the media: – I’m not crushed

the 49-year-old tells us that she not only gave up marriages, but that they tried to work through the hard things. When this nevertheless not held, was it better to move on.

– It is not a defeat. We must rid ourselves of these cliches that it is there, for such thinking is very narrow.

Jennifer and Justin Theroux met in 2008 during the shooting of the film “Tropic Thunder”, where Justin wrote the script for the film along with Ben Stiller. It was the latter who should have introduced them to each other. Two years later they played against each other in the movie “Wanderlust”.

In 2012 the engaged duo, and after a three year long engagement, they arranged a secret wedding in their own back garden in 2015. They had no children together.

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Jennifer Aniston shot on the red carpet and on the streets Video licensed from Splash View more Piquant breach

Back in 2005, it was Jennifer and Brad Pitt was on everyone’s lips. When they announced that they were divorcing after five years of marriage, they were namely, Hollywood’s most popular couple,

“We remain friends and wish each other all good”, said in the statement.

Was so in love with Jennifer Aniston that he forgot about the dialogue in “Friends”

Two months later, while the news of the breach was still toppstoff in the american media, met Pitt the press to promote his latest film, actionkomedien “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”. Here stood he, along with partner Angelina Jolie.

But Brad and Angelina, however, was not only skuespillerkollegaer. The hidden namely a quite spicy secret.

For the time in april the same year appeared the of up pictures of them, apparently in hot embrace on holiday in Kenya, began utroskapsryktene to swirl.

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– I’ve worked too hard in life to be seen as a sad, childless man

In 2008, Pitt the face of Rolling Stone that he had feelings for Angelina Jolie while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

On the question of why “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” was his favorite movie, he replied the following:

– Because I was in love with.

the Marriage had disintegrated and Angelina was designated as the scapegoat. Around in the western world, one could buy T-shirts with the “Team Jennifer” and “Team Angelina”.

It was not difficult to interpret Jennifers reaction to eksmannens “overlap”. According to the Daily Mail she will have said the following when Brad and Angelina posed in a magazine together-June 2005:

He is missing a følelsesgen.

– I think maybe he was a little tired of me, because I talked most about Jennifer