If you are planning to go on vacation, Wednesday is worth checking off on your calendar. The SNCF is opening its first reservations for TVG Inoui for the start of summer, from May 23 to July 5, 2024. A second wave, for departures of the same trains and OuiGo between July 6 and September 11, will be launched the following week, Thursday March 13.

During exceptional sales, reservations generally open at 6 a.m. You must therefore remember to set your alarm to make your choice. This period therefore includes the school holidays which will take place between Saturday July 6 and Monday September 2. For spring break, you should know that tickets have already been available since January 24.

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Booking in advance allows, according to the SNCF website, to have “space”, and “more chance of being seated together when you are in a group”. While it is usually possible to reserve tickets four months in advance, “exceptional sales openings on a fixed date are planned for the Christmas, winter, spring and summer vacation periods,” indicates the transport company.