Winter is coming. And as usual, the month of November comes with its share of economic developments and innovations. Le Figaro takes stock:

This is the major change coming. Supplementary private pensions will be increased by 4.9%, thanks to the agreement reached at the beginning of October between the trade union and employer organizations managing the Agirc-Arrco scheme. This increase corresponds to the level of inflation estimated by INSEE for the year 2023.

13 million private sector employees will be affected by the measure. Which represents “a commitment for the regime of nearly five billion euros per year” reports Agirc-Arrco. For its part, the revaluation of basic retirement pensions, which will take place in January, should amount to 5.2%, as already announced by the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire. .

The result of the pension reform adopted in the spring, the senior index now comes into force. It will be mandatory from November 1 for companies with more than 1,000 employees. Those with more than 300 employees have until July 1, 2024 to comply. This tool should make it possible to employ more people over the age of 55. Companies failing to comply with the rule will have to pay a penalty of up to 1% of payroll.

“Commitment made, commitment kept” was careful to emphasize the Minister of Transformation and Public Service Stanislas Guerini on X (ex-Twitter) on Wednesday. It was also a matter of reassuring civil servants who were impatient with the entry into force of this measure announced on June 12.

And for good reason, around 2 million state and hospital agents, as well as certain military personnel, are preparing to receive an exceptional bonus ranging from €300 to €800. In a context of persistent inflation, this purchasing power bonus will concern state and hospital civil service agents “whose remuneration is below 3,250 euros gross” recalls Stanislas Guerini.

In its press release, the ministry emphasizes that the payment of this bonus comes after “the historic increase in the index point of 3.5% in July 2022, then that of 1.5% in July 2023 completed on the same date by the awarding of up to 9 points on all of the ‘bottoms of the grids’. A new upgrade is planned from January 1, 2024, in the form of increased seniority points, for all civil servants.

The usury rate applicable on November 1 will be 5.91% for loans of 20 years or more. A rate which increases in a more limited way than in previous months.

As a reminder, the usury rate is the maximum rate at which a bank has the right to lend you money. It must take into account both the credit rate but also that of borrower insurance and application fees.

As of January 1, 2023, new usury rates were defined based on calculations carried out by the Banque de France with regard to statistics for the 4th quarter of 2022. However, since February 1, 2023, and until 2024, the rate usury is recalculated every month by the Banque de France.

Like every year, the winter break returns from Wednesday November 1, 2023 to Sunday March 31, 2024. During this period, it is impossible to evict a tenant from their accommodation and any eviction must be postponed.

The principle of the winter break has been extended to gas and electricity cuts, now prohibited during this period.

Exceptions all the same. The truce does not apply to people benefiting from rehousing corresponding to their family needs. It also does not apply to squatters occupying a home, whether it is a residence (primary or secondary), a garage or even land.

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Tobacco-free month is also making a comeback. This operation, now unmissable in November, encourages smokers to quit smoking for 30 days and already has more than 108,000 registered on the official website and 3,777 partners.

You can register on the dedicated website or on the Tabac info service application and be supported throughout these weeks. A number is also distributed – 3989 – for those interested in consulting with a smoking cessation professional.

As has been the case for three years, it will be compulsory, between November 1 and March 31, to equip your vehicle with winter tires or to have snow chains or socks, in certain municipalities in the mountainous areas (Alps, Corsica, Massif Central, Jura Massif, Pyrenees, Vosges Massif). A total of 34 departments are subject to the obligation.

The objective of this regulation is to strengthen user safety by reducing the specific risks associated with driving on snowy or icy roads. This measure also makes it possible to avoid blocking situations in mountainous regions, when unequipped vehicles find themselves crossing the tracks. However, and for the third year in a row, there will be no sanction in the event of inspections and equipment failures.

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To “facilitate” and “modernize” the resolution of conflicts, the Amicable Settlement Hearing (ARA) will be set up from November 1, 2023, recalls “The purpose of the amicable settlement hearing is the amicable resolution of the dispute between the parties, through the balanced confrontation of their points of view, the evaluation of their respective needs, positions and interests, as well as the understanding of the legal principles applicable to the dispute,” notes the Légifrance website. It allows the parties, at any time during the procedure and for rights which they are free to use, to meet before a judge to settle amicably all or part of their dispute.

After Netflix, Disney is also increasing its prices by going from a single offer at €8.99 per month to a triple offer. The best of the three, corresponding to the old single, now goes to €11.99.

A new formula with advertising at €5.99 per month is also arriving on the streaming platform. The announcement of this increase thus allows Disney to encourage spectators to opt, before November 1, for the annual offer at €89.90 per year.

Here are details of the Disney subscriptions available as of November 1, 2023: