“Love is in the pie!” The man whose partner had asked Hénaff to slip his marriage proposal into a box of the famous Breton pâté said “yes”, the family group confirmed to Le Figaro this Thursday, May 23. The element of surprise was managed despite the media buzz caused by the funny story, told by the company on social networks: Mr., more of the disconnected type, had not seen anything coming. Madame herself had no idea of ​​the extent of her initiative.

The request, which was to take place during the Pentecost weekend, first had to be postponed: one of the couple’s daughters fell ill, the romantic weekend fell through. It was there that Jildaz Colin, consumer and community manager at Hénaff, who had handled the request and sent the box, got in touch again to tell Madame the buzz her story had generated. “She was hallucinating when she saw the fallout, so she was in a bit of a rush to make the request!”

Perhaps her partner ended up suspecting that something was wrong when she started filming him, at aperitif, opening this box, much lighter than usual. With a “professional” gesture, Monsieur delicately removed the lid of the can to discover the note written by his other half and carefully slipped in place of the pâté by Hénaff in his factory. Before putting the ring – well the cover ring – on your finger.

The Hénaff group had recounted the previous week of being asked by the partner of a Breton “pikouzé au pâté Hénaff” to find out if it was possible to slip his marriage proposal into a can. “We had already done it in 2006 for rings, but never for a marriage proposal,” smiles Jildaz Colin. It was necessary to adapt the production line to respond to the atypical but no less romantic request. So the wedding will take place… With Hénaff pâté in the reception? “We offered it to them, obviously!”