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December is here and christmas spirit begin to slowly but surely creep up on you. For some it is a lonely feast that awaits. Thus, the restaurant Him a kitchen set to the free lunch on christmas eve – for all who don’t have anyone to celebrate with, to report the Katrineholm-Courier.

– No one wants to be alone, especially not on christmas, ” says Claudia kitchen co-owner Carlos Ochoa to Aftonbladet.

Therefore he, and the restaurant’s ceo Claudia Gratwohl decided to invite to christmas lunch. On christmas eve, all the people who feel alone welcome to their restaurant in Katrineholm, sweden.

– We sat and had coffee when we got the idea. We have a kitchen and if everyone helps, no one has to be outside, ” says Claudia Gratwohl.

It is Carlos american background that is the basis for the initiative, which also Katrineholm-Courier wrote about. He has lived in Sweden for almost eight years, but is originally from the state of Arizona. According to Carlos, it is much more common to engage in voluntary work for the vulnerable there. He’s talking also about a different kind of social interaction.

– I come from a large family. When we sit down and eat as we talk. Here, people are a little more reserved. People are friendly, but you don’t feel the same vicinity, ” he says.

1 of 2 | Photo: PrivatRestaurangens co-owner Carlos Ochoa, 32, and ceo Claudia Gratwohl, 50, hopes that more businesses are connecting.Want strangers talking

a way of thinking is something that runs through Jestbahis Him in the kitchen everyday activities. In order to get people to socialize more it has, therefore, seen that the people sitting at the big round table. So it becomes even on christmas eve.

– If someone is sitting in front of you so you may begin talking with it, and maybe you will get a new friend, ” says Carlos.

– We have several who have come here alone, but who found a social get-together here, ” says Claudia.

for more help

last week, the restaurant out with the initiative. Now, they are calling for help from other local businesses.

– If no one else wants to help so it becomes a simpler christmas dinner. The more who help, the better christmas it gets. If companies want to give back to the community and engage, it can become a tradition that no one needs to be outside, ” says Claudia.

so Far, a new zealand restaurant, NZ Force Pies, promised to assist with the pies. A bunch of individuals have also heard of the to offer their help.

– We do not know if there is any. Maybe it will one person or 300, ” says Claudia.

the Restaurant has a capacity for about 400 people. The food which will be over after christmas eve people can come and download the 26 december.