He was long a marginal figure in a heated debate: Frederik Paulsen, a lump sum taxation Canton of Vaud billionaire with a Swedish passport, in the Pharmaceuticals business, and Russian honorary Consul in Lausanne, Switzerland. Research by this newspaper showed that Paulsen has West accompanied Swiss politicians in the last few years on trips in Russia, including the Canton of Vaud Finance Director Pascal Broulis and SP Council of States GĂ©raldine Savary. In 2016, he invited Savary to a music and dance festival in Granada.

a few weeks Ago Paulsen was a main character. He appeared in the midst of a political affair. Savary confessed to their party, that Paulsen had supported the Council of States election campaigns of her and Luc Recordon (Green), 2011 and 2015 financially. In 2011, they had collected 2500 francs more than in the party’s internal policy allows.

Enjoyed had Paulsen, the proximity between Savary and billionaire always been critically. Now it crashed between the party line and Savary. They announced to end their political career and as Vice-President of the Bahisarena SP Switzerland to withdraw.

“together, We have fascinating discussions about the future of social democracy.”Frederik Paulsen about GĂ©raldine Savary, SP-Councillor of state

“I’m angry,” said Paulsen after Savary’s decision in the newspaper “Le Temps”. He may very: “We have, together, led to fascinating discussions on the future of social democracy.” We have debated that he had sent her the article. Paulsen asked finally, the question in the room: “not only Has a socialist the right to have friends with money?”

research shows now: Frederik Paulsen has built up in the last few years, a little transparent web of companies and trusts in Offshore tax havens. In the data leaks Paradise Papers, and Panama Papers, he appears as a client of the law firm Appleby, and of the now-closed Offshore service provider Mossack Fonseca. Alone, Mossack Fonseca has registered on the name of Frederik Paulsen five companies. To do this, Paulsen has a family Foundation on the channel island of Jersey and a Foundation in the Bahamas. Particularly interesting is the document of a company in the British virgin Islands: the “Consulat Russe VD Ltd. is”. The company in the Caribbean, is used in accordance with the Company Charter in the first place, the settlement of money transactions. In the document it says: “the aim of the company is to support in every possible way the Mission and the activities of the honorary Consulate in Lausanne, including, in particular, and without limitation, financial resources, credit cards, and Bank capital by the creation of Bank accounts.” As a consular activities, expansion of economic, trade, scientific, cultural and other relations and the support of the Switzerland of the detained Russians, and by Russians and their families in case of death, if applicable: “.”

Why not in Switzerland?

That an honorary Consul is based to be the Consulate, a company, is not at all diplomatic Usus. Rather, there is a honorary Consul busy in his company, usually a Person who performs work in part-time work Consulate. Why has Frederik Paulsen founded a company in the Caribbean? Why not in Switzerland?

His client would not go into the Details, answers Paulsens Lausanne lawyer, Christian Bettex. “Because the function of the honorary Consul is not of an economic nature, it is not provided to establish a company according to Swiss law,” says Bettex. The Consulat Russe VD Ltd. has been founded in order to “Consulate employees credit cards to spend, so this could cover your job costs,” Bettex. Many credit cards don’t seem to be necessary. The site has four employees, including Paulsen’s wife. Bettex stresses: “There are no tax advantages resulting from this structure.” This was not designed. But the question remain: If there are no tax advantages, why he had to start the company in the Caribbean? And if he is not his function as honorary Consul economic in nature, why a company was necessary at all?

Russia’s honorary Consul in Lausanne, is Paulsen since February 2009. In the previous year it had awarded the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with the order of friendship. The Russian Federation celebrated its new Consul in Lausanne’s five-star Palace hotel with appetizers, champagne, and vodka and a speech by the Finance Director Pascal Broulis.

Because of its role as a honorary Consul for the law firm of Appleby and the Offshore service provider Mossack Fonseca Paulsen soon as a “politically exposed Person” (PEP). This is evident from various documents. For PEP more stringent requirements relating to money laundering apply. According to Paulsen’s lawyer has not been classified Paulsen, however, as a PEP. Paulsen had submitted all the documents, which showed that he was not a PEP.

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Created: 09.12.2018, 23:09 PM