“This “citizen vote” is a charade.” The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire castigated the consultation organized by the Paris town hall on Sunday February 4, on the establishment of a higher parking rate for the heaviest vehicles, in an interview with Nice-Matin Friday February 9. The “for” side won by a narrow majority, with 54.55% of the votes cast.

But barely 5.68% of Parisians registered on the electoral lists came to vote (it was not possible to make a proxy) in this second vote organized by the town hall, after that of April which banned scooters with barely more voter mobilization. “I regret that Anne Hidalgo did this,” added Bruno Le Maire, calling for people to be “be careful not to play with democracy, because in the end, that damages it.”

“In the city of Paris, there are very important choices that have been made, on the directions of traffic, on the pedestrianization of certain roads, on urban development, listed the minister. Did we consult Parisians about this? Never.”