First of all, it had looked like an accident. A woman is hit at the new year’s fireworks are lethal in the head, not from a firecracker, as first thought. Now the murder determined Commission.

A woman in Schönberg near Kiel wants to enjoy with her husband the new year’s eve fireworks, a few minutes later, she collapses and dies in the hospital. It is now clear that the woman didn’t come by rocket, firecrackers, or illegal fireworks, killed, but of a shot gun was taken. “After the autopsy, we go out with a high degree of probability that the woman has been killed by a gunshot wound,” said the Kiel chief Prosecutor Birgit Hess on Thursday the German press Agency. Therefore, it

The 39-Year-old from Schönberg (Kreis Plön) wanted to enjoy new year’s eve with her husband in front of the door the fireworks, but after a few minutes, the mother of three small children. In the case of emergency surgery, Doctors found the shard. Initially it was thought that the injuries were caused by illegal fireworks. Public Prosecutor’s office and homicide investigate, because a homicide can’t be excluded. The backgrounds are still unclear, said Hess. A hot track it will not give in the case.

On Thursday, interviewed officials in Schönberg once again, local residents, and secured evidence at the crime scene. In the afternoon, a use-hundreds of police scour the area. In their work the civil servants were also supported by the Landeskriminalamt Hamburg. The investigators also used a 3D-Scanner. “This allows for a visual representation of the crime scene,” said police spokesman Matthias Felsch. Office of the public Prosecutor and the judicial police are looking for witnesses to the incident. Anyone who has watched new year’s eve between midnight and about 0.30 PM in Schoenberg in the range of Goethe road, herd road and Probst eggs Allee someone handing in weapons, should report to the police.