China denounced “thug methods” on Thursday after a vote in the US Congress which reinforces a threat to ban the Chinese application TikTok in the United States, in the name of national security. TikTok has for several months been in the crosshairs of American authorities who believe that the application of short videos allows the Chinese government to spy on and manipulate American citizens.

The Chinese group fiercely contests these allegations, denies having transmitted information to the Chinese authorities and assures that it would refuse any possible request in this direction. “If a so-called pretext of national security can be used to arbitrarily exclude successful companies from other countries, then there is no longer any fairness or justice,” criticized a spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy, Wang Wenbin. “When someone sees a good thing from another person and wants to take it from them, these are definitely thug methods,” he said at a press conference.

A few minutes earlier, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce deplored the “pressure” from the United States “to unfairly exclude foreign companies” from their market. China “will take all necessary measures” to defend its companies, assured ministry spokesperson He Yadong, interviewed during a separate press briefing. He did not specify what these measures could consist of.

The fate of the bill is uncertain in the Senate, where prominent American figures are opposing a sweeping ban on an application that is extremely popular, particularly among young people. US President Joe Biden said that if passed in the Senate, he would sign the text into law. Joe Biden, campaigning for a second term, opened an account on TikTok in February, hoping to reach potential young voters.