The French will soon be able, in a few clicks, to have a clear vision of the allowances or aid to which they are eligible. To help job seekers assess the amount of their unemployment aid and find information corresponding to their situation, France Travail announced on Thursday the launch of an online simulator portal. While compensation is “one of the first concerns when faced with the loss of a job or a change of professional activity”, the public operator (formerly Pôle emploi) explains in a press release that it has created this “ single entry point” to “facilitate the estimation of benefits and assistance.” “Depending on whether you have lost a job, whether you are about to return to professional activity, whether you wish to create a business or resign, it is not always easy to find clear, reliable information and fast”, recognizes France Travail.

With the portal (, “in less than a minute, job seekers, active employees, self-employed workers , compensated by France Travail, beneficiaries of Active Solidarity Income (RSA) or people without benefits, can now have a clear vision in just a few clicks, boasts the operator. Concretely, after having entered some personal information (age, place of residence) and professional information (during training, loss or resumption of employment, economic license, etc.), the platform returns to the corresponding simulator and to the information “ most relevant and appropriate”.

Not all of the professions listed have a dedicated simulator, but an entertainment worker can, for example, calculate the amount of their allowances by providing some information such as their hours worked or their reference salary. All allowances and aid are taken into account, whether “those paid by France Travail (return to employment assistance allowance, childcare assistance, professional security allowance, etc.) and those paid by the CAF or the MSA (housing aid, activity bonus, etc.),” specifies the press release.