The days follow each other and are similar. Unfortunately for Boeing. This Monday, March 11, a plane from the manufacturer belonging to the company United Airlines was forced to turn around, several American media reported. Departing from Sidney towards San Francisco, the aircraft, a Boeing 777, landed after two hours of flight due to “a maintenance problem” indicates the company in a press release.

In fact, a landing gear door opened during takeoff as shown in a video taken by an aviation enthusiast named New York Aviation. In particular, we see a liquid escaping from under the device. Upon landing, several fire trucks were waiting for the Boeing as white smoke escaped from one of the plane’s tires.

For several weeks, the airline United Airlines has been facing a series of accidents. Last week, a piece of bubble wrap caused an engine to catch fire in mid-flight. Thursday March 7, a landing gear wheel came off a few minutes after takeoff of a plane in Los Angeles. On Friday, a United Airlines plane ended up in the grass bordering a runway at Houston airport after its landing gear broke on impact with the ground.

At the same time, the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing is also facing a series of black incidents on its aircraft. Since a door was torn off in mid-flight in January 2024, Airbus’ main competitor has been the subject of an investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the American aircraft certification body. .