A Boeing 777 made an emergency landing in Los Angeles on Thursday after losing the tire on one of its wheels during takeoff, a new incident which adds to the recent setbacks of the American aircraft manufacturer. A video posted online shows one of the landing gear wheels falling seconds after the plane left the ground at San Francisco International Airport. The tire bounced and ended up in an airport parking lot, damaging several cars, but causing no casualties, according to local media KRON4.

The plane was bound for Japan and had 249 people on board, United Airlines said. The plane has six wheels on each of its two landing gears, so it can land safely if a wheel is missing or damaged, she also said. This emergency landing comes two months after an incident involving another model from the American aircraft manufacturer. At the beginning of January, a cap holder on a Boeing 737 MAX 9, operated by Alaska Airlines, detached from the cabin a few minutes after takeoff.

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Investigations have been opened by the American authorities in charge of aviation security, and a report from an independent commission appointed by the air regulator (FAA) has notably pointed out shortcomings in the manufacturer’s safety systems.