The Minister of Agriculture Marc Fesneau believes that we must “be able to store the water that falls in winter”, wondering about the advisability of reviewing the law on water, in an interview with Midi Libre published on Saturday. We must “be able to store the water that falls in winter in one way or another, to be able to use it in summer when there is no more,” explains the minister, questioned by a farmer on the difficulties of creating reservoirs during a meeting at the headquarters of the regional daily.

“The water law dates from 1992, at a time when climate change was not as significant as it is today. Should we not better integrate climate change into our water policy?” asked Marc Fesneau, recognizing that we have allowed “certain over-administration practices to sediment for years”. “Regulatory simplification is essential” because “we sometimes have “crazy” things, particularly on cleaning,” he added.

Thursday, after government announcements intended to calm the anger of the agricultural world, the Confédération paysanne, the 3rd agricultural union in France, regretted that “not a word” had been said “on the preservation and sharing of water” .