Niina Backman, 35, left, fifteen of the Milan model of the world, I’m sure that was mature and adult. Uncertainty followed along until years of therapy, she found her self-assurance.Niina Backman found the therapy through a strengths.

When host Niina Backman , 35, sit back in Radio nova’s afternoon broadcast at the beginning of the microphone, she feels she’s come home. 15-year-old house a model of the left Niina has always been to indulge in nature, which is love to change the työpestejä and new experiences. Restlessness guarantee will often present growth years, also it insecurities tormented the girl, who didn’t know should take as such.

personality-driven radio is a great advantage that Chetan did in the twenties a great job with himself and dug into eight years of therapy core pain of his desk.

– the template to work when I left, I know I must seem outward eye, that get the job done, but internally the little girl inside of me screaming for help. I have responded to the excitement by building a hard protective shell. I get to give my distant impression of myself, Niina Backman told the evening newspaper.

– Some other, like my husband Lorella tension erupts live excitement and in a man of panache. It makes people feel good is just as exhausting as the cool bark of maintenance.

Nancy thought in the twenties he was a fully mature motherhood. Now that thinking laughing mother of three children.

– imagine I really am ready. Now I think so that the mother growth. You can’t know what the child’s infancy or preschool age is going to be, he said.

eldest daughter Pippi is now 15 years. The same age I went to in Milan. I am a mother of strict and absolute. School, we need to finish, because I want my children to have more options in life unlike myself. I gave up high school.

Therapy Niina Backman discover your fears and the core kipuunsa. Riitta heiskanen therapy helped

Backman has made a career of tv-entertainment. He remembers the “american Idol” and Drug-like direct broadcasting dates back to the inspiring. Publicity in the eyes of the being was, however, also a downside.

I Was really harsh on myself. I was thinking that I should be some kind of to get approval. It appears the tv at work so that when you messed up by mistake my words or I screwed up somehow by the way, even a small screw up to derail me despair of the depths, he said.

Gentle, merciful, and from this moment intake is slipped into nancy’s life over the thirties. Serenity was preceded by a long therapy, in which the Niina Backman processing pain point. He was looking for a reason in particular for why not good enough for themselves.

I have followed since childhood insecurities and low self-esteem. I always thought that if I ask for help, it is a sign of failure. It has led to the fact that I’m not just in trouble. Therapy for me was a good way to face the problem spots, he said.

11 years older husband Lorenz Backman , 46, encouraged to find ways to deal with the extremes of emotions.

early in our Relationship I didn’t have opinions. Accompany the only, and I couldn’t make myself cross. It will, of course, contradictions, Niina says.

– it Is a pleasure to see now that your grown up a Pippi-daughter is quite the opposite. Wonderful to see how strong the nature of her growth. The same thing I see all three of my kids. We’ve said Loren with them, that all can talk.

When Nancy met 30 years, some age crisis surprised. He had always thought that it is only the head of an internal thing. Fortunately, the cousin’s words aroused to see how well things were. Riitta Heiskanen some age crisis surprised

Nancy remembered how the 30 year milestone caused him some age crisis.

I was just Wondering, I’ve done two careers, married and I have three children. I felt lost, and wondering what the hell to do next. I had already done so much, and I was only 30 years, that is so fucking old, her laugh.

cousins talking to put things into perspective.

He said, ”you know, Nancy, how kusipäiseltä sounds”. Many of you would do anything that would get that much time. It was a provoking comment, and slowly that feeling began to ease, especially when my life turned a new leaf radio.

Host Anssi Honkanen is Niina close friend. Initially, the chemistry, however, do not match together, but it worked out by talking.

currently, the niina of life are the focus of a husband, Lorenz, three wonderful children and work with the thrive. Riitta heiskanen feel good of yourself

In the moment of niina’s life meet serene family everyday life and work, which he feels he matured to his people. He told me he expected next may the entire family vacation trip to Italy.

the Former model has a gracious attitude towards one’s own mirror image.

– Black is a wonderful to grow old. Of course too much control of due to eye bags piss me off. A few days ago to choose the Lorelle for my wrinkles. He said that it is wonderful when you get older and wiser you more, Nancy says.

– in Some ways even I enjoy the fact that the body changes with age. I have it changing the time a little bit, because I’ve always been such a dill stem: a little clumsy movements and wobbles in the wind. A little shapeless, always, he throws himself ironic.

in the Past She enjoyed the training so that it went over. Now he takes a more relaxed and bet in particular, mental well-being. Riitta Heiskanen

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