The second-hand market has a future in France and the Inditex group, owner of the Zara brand and world leader in “fast fashion”, understands this well. The ready-to-wear brand has opened its second-hand platform, Pre-Owned, to French buyers, as revealed by Le Monde. After a test launch in the United Kingdom in November 2022, the platform now allows owners of Zara-branded clothing to resell them. “We want to help our customers extend the useful life of our products,” explains the brand.

The objective is twofold for the group: on the one hand, to show its efforts in terms of waste reduction and thus improve its brand image. On the other, to try to attract second-hand regulars who hunt on Vinted, a true leader in the sector and where Zara items are among the most sought-after, to its site. The Spanish brand, whose medium-term strategy is to generate a third of its income from online sales, could take advantage of these new visitors because it also suggests the purchase of new products when taking out its credit card.

The second-hand market is particularly lucrative: in France, nearly one in two buyers have already used this more virtuous purchasing method. The occasion would represent up to 15% of purchases. Leader in the field, Vinted recalls that France is its largest market, with 23 million subscribers.

The Pre-Owned platform also includes a free service for repairing or taking back clothes, at a cost of a few euros. Finally, it allows you to donate your clothes, which are then distributed or resold, to associations. Inditex stock recorded a daily gain of 0.31%, continuing its remarkable gains of 61% in a year.