the Bus was stolen at 05 o’clock in the morning. According to the police, it seems the perpetrators have managed to get over the bus without having broken in to it.

– It is not so difficult, there are buses going everywhere, and then it has embarked on the process, ” says Kjell Lindgren, presstalesperson at the Police to DN.

the stolen vehicle was short. The buses are equipped with gps and a quarter of an hour later, the then-stationary bus located to the Bridge, just over two-and-a-half miles away.

– We found out which way they went, so we were able to get a hold of them pretty quickly. When we get there, there are two patrons who are still in the Gencobahis bus, ” says Kjell Lindgren.

the Men’s rampage in stolen bus should not have caused any damage, now suspected it for both theft and drugs.

– If there are cameras in the buses, so it’s pretty easy to determine who was driving, then it becomes a steering wheel – or / drug driving. I believe that this process will be able to go pretty quickly, ” says Kjell Lindgren.

, that is running on SL’s buses, is similar thefts are unusual. Now to the incident to be investigated internally. The bus, according to the company have been stolen in the street outside a bus depot, where it seems to have been left without the countenance of the driver.

– in Addition to it, we don’t know how it happened, there is no one who knows now. It is not an easy thing to steal a bus, but if you know how to do so, it is easier, ” says Christer Eklund, communications manager of Arriva.

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